Awaken your Creativity

Awaken your Creativity

Photo Art

Playfully explore shape, style, and color to add unique, generative art to your photo.

High Resolution

Export a smooth 4k image file with a transparent background for your extended creative endeavors.


Explore over a hundred variations. Customize your Whorl with square, triangle, round, number & letter shapes.


35 unique, carefully crafted generative styles to express yourself. Combine with any of the shapes and colors to create a wealth of variations.


Whorl’s coloring system has a unique way of applying colors to a style. Select the colors yourself or let whorl choose superb color combinations.


Change volume, twist and rotate. Physical manipulation, as fun and easy as playing with clay.


Mirror a part of your Whorl image over 1, 2, 3 or 4 axis. Start with 1 axis to create symmetrical spectacle and kaleidoscopic results with multiple axis.


Be mesmerized. Sit back and watch the captivating motion, blurring the boundaries between 2d and 3d.